Stranger 4:08

Things have never been stranger
Things are gonna stay strange
I remember life as a stranger
But things change

Another night indoors
Another sign of life, life
Wobbling up through the floor

You and Kidada
Ooh, I might get low, low, low
But now I’m too high to know

The sound of you and your sister
I couldn’t face these days alone
You got the right light, candles burning
We don’t need the moon anymore

I used to look for an answer
I used to knock on every door
But you got the wave on, music playing
Don’t need to look anymore


You and Kidada
Ooh, the lights get low, low, low
And I’ve got nowhere to go

I used to freeze on the dance floor
I watched the icebergs from the shore
But you got the heat on, kettle screaming
Don’t need to freeze anymore


Who knows the reason
That kindness lost its hold?
Those better angels
Confined to minor roles

I left the wilding, wilding, wilding days of old
Your house is warmer
The wilderness is cold


Written by Ezra Koenig / Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Ezra Koenig / Engineered by Ariel Rechtshaid, Chris Kasych, John DeBold, Michael Harris, Hiroya Takayama & Takemasa Kosaka / Mixed by Ariel Rechtshaid & Shawn Everett

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