How Long? 3:32

Tough choice? Don’t make me laugh
My life’s a joke
Your life’s a gas
You broke my heart at midnight mass
Now I’m the ghost of Christmas past

The only choice you gave to me
Was one I took reluctantly
Cuz when we play democracy
You always take immunity


How long til we sink to the bottom of
the sea?
How long, how long?
How long ’til we sink and it’s only you
and me?
How long, how long?

Verse 2:

What’s the point of getting clean?
You’ll wear the same old dirty jeans

What’s the point of being seen?
Those eyes are cruel, those eyes are mean

What’s the point of human beings?
A sharpie face on tangerines

Why’s it felt like Halloween
Since Christmas 2017?


Verse 3:

Getting to the top
Wasn’t supposed to be this hard
The house is on Mulholland Drive
The car’s on Sunset Boulevard

The registration's here with me
But neither of us has the key
We can live down in the flats
The hills will fall eventually


Written by Ezra Koenig, William Shelby, Stephen Shockley & Leon F. Sylvers III / Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Ezra Koenig / Additional Production by Dave Macklovitch / Engineered by Ariel Rechtshaid, Chris Kasych, John DeBold, Hiroya Takayama & Takemasa Kosaka / Mixed by Ariel Rechtshaid / “How Long” contains elements from “And the Beat Goes On” (William Shelby/Stephen Shockley/Leon F. Sylvers III), published by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC/H&R Lastrada Music/Notting Hill Music o/b/o Leon F Sylvers III Publishing. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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