Flower Moon 3:57

(feat. Steve Lacy)

Flower moon
Cursed the night
If the sun don’t make things right
Then it’s gonna take a year

Flower moon
Sacred sign
Coca-Cola and red wine
Now’s the time to disappear

It was the right place, wrong time
Another night at the borderline
Another night in then sway of the the flower moon

It was the right week on a cursed day
Another chapter was underway
Another year in the light of the flower moon

A shift in weight
A simple twist of fate
Suddenly it’s much too late
The rising tide’s already lapping at the gate

Written by Ezra Koenig, Ariel Rechtshaid, & Sam Gendel / Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Ezra Koenig / Additional Production by Steve Lacy / Engineered by Ariel Rechtshaid, Chris Kasych, John DeBold, Michael Harris, Hiroya Takayama & Takemasa Kosaka / Mixed by Ariel Rechtshaid

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