with JJ, Trash Girl & The Dog

#13: Look Pretty All the Time

Monday, 8 Mar 2021 Download

We have a tough talk about current events with our guest, Anne. Please be advised, that includes a discussion on sexual assault. Check out the links if you aren’t already familiar.


#12: The Father of the Bride

Monday, 8 Feb 2021 Download

We hear what you had to say about LP4, then spend all 18 tracks auditioning to be the new hosts of Car Talk and wondering if Ezra Koenig’s actually an alien. Plus, JJ’s Top Five tracks off Fall Out the Boy.

If you submitted a story for this episode, your (new, secret) bootleg merch is in the mail. Everyone else can get them on Friday at itgoesdeep.com.

Thank you to all our guests this week: Maryam, Megan, Michelle, Rufus, Lorena, Rebecca, Nicole, Lily, Brendan, Rosalee, Heather, Rachel, Justin & Peyton.


JJ’s Top 5 FOTB Tracks

  1. Harmony Hall & 2021
  2. Sunflower & Flower Moon
  3. We Belong Together
  4. Married in a Gold Rush
  5. How Long?

#11: Je Ne Sais Ska

Monday, 4 Jan 2021 Download

Ronald Reagan’s The Star Wars Holiday Special, Philip K. Dick’s Do Legos Dream of Plastic Sheep?, and the song “Holiday” by Green Day, Madonna, Weezer and Vampire Weekend.

Plus the spicy sweet chili world premiere of Trash Girl’s 2021 (Auld Lang Syne).

JJ’s Top 5 Holidays

  1. Colorado
  2. DST
  3. Delaware Returns
  4. Rural Transit
  5. Wright Brothers

#10: Fashion Steve Buscemi w/ Christian Scibetta

Friday, 30 Oct 2020 Download

Low key style icon and our old friend Christian aka Brave New Wear on YouTube drops in to talk spooky Vampire songs, how to recognize Dany DeVito and a deep dive on some Ezra fits.

Plus the spicy sweet chili world premiere of a brand new classic halloween song, JJ’s “Wolf Man.”

Ezra fits discussed

JJ’s Top 5 Halloween Costumes

  1. Major Chip Hazard
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Little Devil
  4. Bloody Scream Mask
  5. When Life Gives You Lemons

#9: A Crossfit Crossover

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2020 Download

Vampire songs vs. Weekend songs, an anonymous tip about Ezra Koenig, and JJ’s first Top 5

We listen to Step Remix, Jonathan Low, Con Te Partiro and Exit Music.

#8: Big Mac Pizza

Monday, 14 Sep 2020 Download

Secret menus, Paul Simon’s bootleg cassette and the song that got half the crowd to leave a Vampire Weekend show

Plus, breaking down tracks 7-12 of Modern Vampires of the City with:

#7: The Union Street Sphere

Monday, 7 Sep 2020 Download

Modern Vampires of the City, Part 1 - featuring Nicole, Stephen, Grace, Michael, Anna, Tyler, Colin, Sadie, Craig, Max, Peyton, Alex, Kennedy, Rufus and Kinsey



#6: Wendy’s Salad Bar

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020 Download

We’re putting in the work, voice actors don’t get any respect, and what ketchup is in your fridge

We listened to B-sides and covers from 2010’s Contra.

#5: We Watched Waterworld

Monday, 3 Aug 2020 Download

Kevin Costner has gills, Portu-Greek and the life and death of the Exxon Valdez

At $235,000,000, Waterworld (1995) was at the time the most expensive movie ever produced. By 2013 it had turned a profit.

#4: Denny’s Rock Show w/ Nick from Orlando

Saturday, 20 July 2020 Download

How to get on stage with Vampire Weekend and the things we’ve heard about British people.

Nick from Orlando joins us for an interview, then we listen to the new VW EP that features him.

#3: Straight Lasers w/ FromTheFreezer

Saturday, 11 July 2020 Download

Chipotle horchata, debutante movies and Bay Area slang.

@FromTheFreezer joins us to break down Contra, in reverse order. For more of the interview between the Dog and FromTheFreezer, check out Episode 2 of Zine Crisis — coming soon.

#2: Jumbo Shrimp Latte w/ TCUWiki

Saturday, 26 June 2020 Download

Why Blake got a new face, are we ones or are we zeroes, and the origin of the TCU wiki.

Holly McClarin of the Time Crisis Universe wiki joins us to talk about LP1 era B-sides and covers.

#1: I ♥︎ Mellotron

Sunday, 14 June 2020 Download

The worst burger in New Jersey, finding a better word for “like Plato” and where was the Boss born, really.

Plus, breaking down each track off Vampire Weekend’s 2008 debut.